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Soup of the Day $9 -chef's daily creation

Arancine $14 -Crisp and creamy risotto balls stuffed with smoked mozzarella, marinara sauce

Bruschetta $10 -House made mozzarella, olive oil, basil, balsamic pearls

Calamari Fritti $15 -Flour dusted fried calamari with sweet chilli dip

House made Fresh Mozzarella $13 -Freshly made to order house made mozzarella, Grilled asparagus, pesto, balsamic drizzle

Spaducci Bread $13 -Grilled bread, House made mozzarella, anchovy caper garlic lemon butter

Zuppa di Pesce $19(spicy) - Pan seared tender shrimp & calamari, steamed P.E.I mussels with tomato, olive oil & a touch of chillies

Antipasto Platter $26 -Local “Pingue” meats, assorted cheeses and house made pickled vegetables– minimum 2 people

Avocado/Goat Cheese Bruschetta $12 -Avocado tomato bruschetta, goat cheese on grilled Italian bread

Artisinal Cheese Flights -
3 items $15
4 items $17
5 items $19


Mista $9 -Mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, tossed in white balsamic pesto vinaigrette

Cesare $10 -Romaine heart, house made dressing, pancetta crisp, crostini, grana padano, lemon wedge

Caprese $14 -House made mozzarella, tomatoes, arugula, balsamic pearls, basil

Sinello $12 -Arugula, grilled tomatoes, goat cheese, almonds, prosciutto, red wine vinaigrette



Definition– A traditional appetizer consisting of‘paper thin’sliced beef/fish/vegetable

Beef Tenderloin $15– pepper crusted, lemon arugula, mushrooms, parmigiano, lemon truffle aioli

Swordfish $15– pickled ginger, soya pearls, wasabi peanut dust, chilli threads

Smoked Salmon $15– dill crème fraiche, shaved asparagus, pickled onions

Heirloom Tomato $15– whipped goat cheese, basil, balsamic pearls

Surf N Turf $15- combination of our beef tenderloin and smoked salmon carpaccio

Automatic 17% gratuity for parties of 8 people or more



Margherita$15 -Tomato, fiore di latte mozzarella & basil

Meat Lovers “Giuliana”$19 - Tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage & prosciutto

Tuscan “Milana” $16 -Basil pesto, mozzarella, tomato bruschetta, goat cheese

Pazza “Ivana” $19 -Asiago, mushroom, artichoke, arugula, prosciutto, drizzled with lemon oil

Salmon Pizza $17 -Smoked Salmon, Pickled onion, fried caper, dill aioli, asiago topped with arugula salad



* whole wheat and gluten-free pastas are also available, additional charges apply.

Spaghetti Classico $15 -Spaghetti tossed in our house made tomato sauce

add meatballs or bolognese $5

Lamb Risotto $26 -Slow roasted lamb, goat cheese & confit shallots topped with arugula

Spaghetti Pescara(spicy)$27 -pan-seared shrimp, calamari, P.E.I. mussels, clams, tomato, olive oil and hot chillies

add truffle cream$2

Gnocchi Gorgonzola “Giovina” $24 -Proscuitto, soleggiati tomato, tossed in a creamy gorgonzola sauce

Linguine Shrimp “Lina”(spicy)$25 -Shaved fennel, cherry tomato, anchovy, hot chillies, garlic oil, topped with arugula

Pesto Primavera “Pellicano” $22 -Tomato, onion, zucchini, spinach, mushroom tossed with basil pesto

Fettuccine Amore “Amedeo” $24 -Asparagus, chicken, sundried tomato in a roasted garlic cream sauce

Gnocchi “Amelia” $24 -Roasted red pepper cream sauce with peas and doubled smoked bacon

Mushroom Risotto $20 -Arborio rice with a medley of wild mushrooms

add truffle oil$2

Penne Arabbiatta(spicy)$24 -Ground Berkshire sausage, hot pepperoncino tossed in a spicy tomato sauce with fresh house mozzarella, topped with panko

Automatic 17% gratuity for parties of 8 people or more



Chicken Parmigiana $21 -Breaded chicken breast with our house made tomato sauce, mozzarella & side spaghetti

Veal Parmigiana $22 -Breaded veal striploin with our house made tomato sauce, mozzarella & side spaghetti

Sweet Veal Marsala $31 -Tender veal striploin, pan-fried in a mushroom Sweet Marsala cream sauce with lyonnaise potatoes

8oz. Filetto di “Francesca” $37 -8 oz. filet beef tenderloin cooked to your preference with confit shallots, lyonnaise potatoes, honey mushroom, topped with demi

Rack of Lamb $45 -Grilled Rack of lamb rubbed with mustard and herb crust, mushroom risotto

Chicken Supreme “Claudia” $27 -Pan seared breast, calvados brandy, tarragon cream orzo, apple chips

Pork Tenderloin $28 -Stuffed with spinach and goat cheese, wrapped in bacon with mushroom gnocchi

Grilled Salmon "Vittoria" $24 -Atlantic Salmon with cranberry quinoa, yellow pepper coulis, fennel slaw


Automatic 17% gratuity for parties of 8 people or more